Clumsy me.

I'm back from watching Hunger games! Oh & I remember sleeping only when the sun rises and I got up pretty early like 11 ish. Thought of heading to Town to catch Hunger games but nearly all time slots were filled & only left with front row since we forgot to book before heading out.. So we decided to go somewhere nearerrr. 

Since our showtime was 930pm, we had a lot of free time in between. Spent our free time eating & eating..Oh and I finally changed my phone's screen protector. Like finally I remembered/ stop being so lazy hahahah. Photos r so limited b/c I forgot to bring my memory stick out & my phone dead halfway. Clumsy me.. I even brought along the mini tripod so I honestly don't get why I missed out my memory stick. Hmmmm. So all I can do was to use the limited space that my camera has (like 5 pics?!?)


Don't you think it's a bit to rare to be medium rare? It feels like rare to me.

I'm not sure if this pic is clear enough to show my Blister. I accidentally burnt myself while indulging with yumz food. Urgh how clumsy can I actually get!?! And its my Middle finger AGAIN. Always hurt my Middle finger since secondary school..
Taken with my Boy's phone (S3)

Walked around and decided to get Sogurt! Spent time catching up and waiting for time to past!!!
My yumz cup of Sogurt.

We decided to smuggle snacks in b/c we came to a conclusion that their Popcorn suck. So each of us got a packet of tidbits (fatasses) before heading in!! I'd say the show was pretty good. The duration was like 146 minutes but it feels so short while I was watching it. I actually complaint about it when it ended and I'm still so unsatisfied that the time passes so faaaaast !@$%#  I just can't wait for the next part of it!*Cross finger that I don't have to wait for 2 years. Hope it'll be out any time soooooon

Alright, ending off with a picture taken with my Boy. The one and only pic. Didn't get to take pic as a group :( (blame myself for having such goldfish memoryy) Ok there's always another time! Side track: I feel so fat after indulging with so many sinful treats the whole of this week. Hm short break from school r always meant to be enjoyable right? Keke.  Yes yes just comforting myself in both ways haha! 

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