Purplish Monday.

What's in my Bag?

Peanut butter hair.

Meet my Freckles! //my new annoying allergy that's swelling

Happy Monday everyone~ School ended early for me b/c I skipped my Lecture! You can't blame me.. I couldn't get to sleep last night (screwed up body clock) & I was so tired in the morning that I thought I'm gonna die. Went home with Chocolate waffle before taking a short rest. It's a pretty good Monday for me since I'm out with my favourite color butttttt! The weird part is that I only own a few pieces of Purple shirt. The Irony uh? 

Ok.. so my complexion recently isn't very good as you can see from the above pics. I hasn't been resting enough I guess? (being night owl, staying out late) and monthly period seems to worsen it further hmm oh well~ Alright so here's a short update of my few fav items. Will post again any time soon! Time to shower and get prepared for dinner. Oh waaaaait, before I leave: 

I'm missing this Ass here. 
ok Bye!^^ 

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