//Weird Friday

Hi guys! I'm back after a long yet short day out. It's a weird Friday I should say. Hmm will tell you guys why in a bit. So I did what I'm supposed to do (submitting assignments bla bla bla) before heading to fetch the Boy. I was supposed to fetch him but he ended up waiting for me for like an hour or so b/c his school trip ended early. Oops Sorry! Went Starbucks to satisfy my cravings after dinner! 

Yay to Pepper mint cheese cake and Peppermint Mocha Frappé!

Doing what we do best since I brought my camera along (yes, I finally charged it!!!)

Happy girl with her cravings satisfied!

We spent like 2 hours in Starbucks chatting, laughing etc. Basically doing what we do best; crapping! So we finally get our ass off to walk around and landed ourselves at the Roof garden for another round of nonsense. 

Sudden flash which explains my face #_# It's toooooo bright and my eyes couldn't take it.

Ok.. here comes the weird part. I thought it's just me that's feeling this way cuz I'm slightly allergic to caffeine (since I just had venti I thought its totally fine) but its the both of us that's having dizziness/ headache/ nauseousness and started having cold sweat. It's really weird. We decided to head back to rest & during the train ride back, both of our face are like !@#$%^ HAHA like srsly.

Suddenly, the food addict me claims to be hungry after reaching Buona vista (so I thought maybe food will make me better, I thought I was hungry..) So I drag my Boy along for supper despite feeling weird. Sinful but I didn't care much cuz I thought its gonna make me feel better. Yup it did fill my stomach up and less dizzy but once I reach home the horrible nauseous feeling is back and it feels like I'm gonna faint any time soon. It's..weird isn't it? Maybe it's the Starbucks or maybe it's just us? Hmm..

Yummy supper that makes me suffer even more..

Once I reached home, Momsie was like asking if I did tear my stockings (which thankfully I did not). BUT few mins later the clumsy & unwell me accidentally damaged itttt. Angst much.

Look at the damaged.

Ok some selfie (since I'm slightly better than earlier on) before I throw this stockings~ Thanks for being such a comfy stockings for... a day. I just had to destroy it urgh.

Anyway Thanks Jeyjey (@bubblypopped, if you ever see this keke) for this shirt, I love it! Okay I shall catch up with MAMA while waiting for the food to digest to make me feel less nauseous.. And I hope this cup of warm drink helps! +Hope my Boy is feeling better while he's resting now!! Have a good sleep everyone! Can't wait to watch Hunger games with my fav peeps tmr or I should say later on? Alright, till here. Xx

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