All you need is Love

Had a great day out with my Lovelies on Thursday and I finally get to meet most of them!! Went Bowling first before heading to Swee Choon. We were all so famished when we reached so I only managed to snap a few shots. But I think their Custard bun was overrated or maybe it's just that day?

Headed back to the Mall after walking around Mustafa and we randomly snap group photos in the middle of nowhere hahah because Friends are willing to do silly things with you!

Photo bomb skills mastered

Went to take a look at their lightings and got stuck there for pretty long! 
I find this so pretty

Ok a better one. Anyone remember this? I used to love it when I was a kid!

What do you think of this? Middle finger much?

A deflated one for you
How can I not snap a shot with my Bestie?!?!

Do we look alike now?

And that pretty sum up my happy day out with them! Anyway, we took like 118 photos and here I'm struggling on which to post (wish I can post all but woahhhh?!) . Random decision for Secret Santa but I guess we're clearly aware of who our Secret Santa is anyway hahaha but I'm still looking forward to spend my Christmas with them! X

Spent some quality time with my Mum, aunt, sissy and cousin! Supposed to be snapping pics with the lightings but it's more like a food trip can! We even had supper (11 ish pm) at Marche o shit save me from all these fatness.. HAHA. Anyway, It's a well-spent day with them & I'm truly blessed with everyone around me!
Pardon my uneven eyelids

Alright ending off with a pic of me snapped by the Boy when I was out with him yesterday! 47 Ronin is a really nice movie and I really respect them! Hope to visit the place when I'm in Japan someday! 

Am I cute enough to still pull off as a kid??

 I know time will eventually tell so all I've to do now is to cherish  
everyone around me & enjoy everyday of my life. Xx

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