Random thoughts; -Be yourself

Hi guys! Spending my break time to Blog. I don'tknow why either, I just got the sudden urged to. Been thinking a lot lately (all the irrelevant shits that's not even beneficial to my Common test). Feels like it's a reflecting December for me hmm or is it just these few days? Nothing bad happened, no worries, just letting my thoughts went wild recently.

I mean, I don't get why others are trying so hard to be someone they're not. It feels like I'm living in a world filled of people trying to be something/someone they're not. Isn't it good to be yourself? I really enjoy being me (most of the time at least).  After all that's what makes you, you! So I really don't get why can't people just stay the way they are and stop acting this way? Just have opinion on your own, it's not that hard anyway~  Ok.. I'm getting further (it's their life anyway) so I shall end it off in case it gets longer. Ending with all my selfieees. Oh anyway, it's taken with my Note 2 so pardon the quality. Shall get goinggggg, bye! Enjoying my December so far and yay to holiday very soon!

Note to self: Common test are really near and I should really wake up.

      Playing around with Looloo's specs the other day: 

That random urge to play around with filters (too bored maybe)

Look at my Jellybean! (the burnt that's dried up)

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