Before the year ends..

I'm back! Back from the mini-hiatus that I went. It was fun during that few days. No work, just eat, supper, laze around, and getting fat! Now that I'm back.. hmm Can't believe I went to work on a Monday but still it was great! Went IKEA afterwards with mai Boy and had meatballz salmon chicken wings bla bla bla gosh I don't even dare to weigh myself now:(

I just wanna post before the year ends but I realized that this Lappy doesn't have all the pictures that's taken throughout the year. (some are in my another Lappy; Vaio) So I guess I shall just hop around!

2013 is like the best year for me I guess? I fall in Love, not that it started on 2013 but 2013 is the first year ever that I've spent my entire year with the guy I love I don'tknow if you guys get me but well at least I do~ Well, I just feel blessed to have a smooth year throughout. Yes yes ofcos there's ups & down but at least there's someone there for me to that's willing hear me out.. Also, its also the year that I feel that I deserve to be happy & that I should be.

Obviously it's not just him that made 2013 so memorable of cos! There's still so many people that I really wanna thank; like my lovely friends (my best clique ever), families and everyone that made me stronger than before! So I hope that in this coming new year which is 2014, we'll stay as bonded & happy ( infact happier than before) In short, I just want to cherish everyone around me and be able to spend every year happily!

Note: Photos are taken either with iPhone 4, Note 2, Olympus or Nikon!

Goodbye 2013, Thanks for being such a good year! I'll miss you! Xx
On the other hand, I can't wait for the countdown later on!

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