Cozy Wednesday

Hello! I'm here to do a quick update on Wednesday since the photos taken today are currently transferring to my phone so that I can send to my friends:-) Well.. the amount of photos taken is crazy so I guess I shall blog about it some other day since I'm getting sleepy. Also, on Wednesday I finally stopped being so lazy and draw my brows out. How does it look?

Anyway, as I was saying, On wednesday we wanted to head back to D'good cafe for lunch but they only left with pie and kitchen was closed. What's worst is that the waiting time is minimum an hour (what the hell? I was starving!) So we decided to go Hatched and here's what we ordered:

It's pretty good but it's not as filling as D'good. I wanted to sit on the Swing so badly so we went back but it's still occupied! Ordered their Triplet Cheesecake and watched The Notebook (just chilling, waiting for our next schedule)

We left at around 515 for interview and it went pretty smoothly I should say! Decided to head to Starbucks for a cup of Latte & to continue with The Notebook. Oh before heading there, I had an impromptu decision to cut my hair so we went to a salon. 

How does it look like?

 Ok I'm just kidding! I just wanted to see if it suits me. So, what do you guys think? Yay/Nay? I don'tknow, I can't decide so I guess I'll just stick to my usual. Chill there and spent our time talking about random stuff that I honestly don't remember now hahahaha.

I'm done Blogging but my photos are still transferring.. but I guess I'll just stop here for now and spend some time in the toilet hahaha. Anyway I can't wait to post today's day out with my fwens!!!! I guess I'll post them when I'm back from shopping with Mummy later on (yay to quality time with her) Ok bye!

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