Happy birthday to the Man I love the most!


Surprised Daddy on the 5th with Cake and junks. I'm glad he likes and enjoyed it! Keke. Consumed all the sinful food after surprising him. (Cake, Royce chocolate, Hokkaido ice cream etc) But it's so yumz and I guess it's worth the fatness? Everything yumz is worth it! Celebrated with him on the Sixth with a family dinner before heading home to study for Dtm:( I got distracted and played with overlays instead hahahaha but thankfully Dtm is manageable:) Oh anyway, I had Pizza twice in the week & I actually ate one regular pizza to myself each time..what's worst is that it is cheesy burst based oops.. aiya I just can't resist to food. #whatsnew And, what's better than yummy food? 

Chillax Sunday that makes me wanna stay in bed foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrr but woke up to Daddy's Fusilli. It was so yumz that I had a big plate and keep going back for more. Speaking of this, I'm heading out to nice food tomorrow and this clearly shows that my love for Food never dies :):):) Ok, I shall get going before my complexion actually gets worst. 


Mouth-watering Fusilli cooked with by Daddy with Love:) Thank Daddy I love you!

3 more papers to go before I get my well-deserved short break. Bear with it Yilin!
P/s:  All taken with Note 2 b/c I'm still so lazy to charge it!

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