I need a Break

P/s: There's a potato in my mouth while taking this shot. I can't decide to eat or to snap so I did both. HAHA

This is Us after getting drunk by food. I actually look eyebrow-less. Keke blame the brightness

So yesterday, we spent our afternoon just by chilling and drowning ourselves with Food which I absolutely enjoy doing that. Loving the Ambience there but I didn't get to sit on the Swing! It's okay, I'll be back for that! Got myself Six Fruits tarts because I dreamt that there's Tarts in my Fridge but just when I'm about to eat it, I woke up and realized everything was a lie:-( It's  just a dream.. So I decided to make my dream come true HAHA. 

Ending the day off with a pic of us, just being us, as usual.

Woke up today feeling like it's Holiday (must be all the fun I had yesterday) then Reality strikes. Speaking of that, tomorrow is the start of my 3 back-to-back paper which I seriously hope it's manageable! Giving myself half day off today to do whatever I like/enjoy because I honestly don't wanna stress myself any further.  I need a break, too.

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