Mac n Cheese

Random idea to make Mac n Cheese for our dinner on a Friday night. We also had some Broccoli as our sides but we're too pig to even snap a pic before eating hahaha. Saturday was a pretty chill and fun day with my favourite people. +All the calories intake are way too cray but yumyumz! Common Test are near the corner but I'm still feeling as lazy as before. On a happier note, holidays are approaching real soon and it's Christmas month which means it's time to exchange gifts! I just can't wait for it!

Oh yes, we made a video on our Mac n Cheese but I'm still editing.. shall finish and upload it up! (but I'm really laaaazy) Alright, time to go grab more Glutinous Rice ball that Daddy cooked. I already had 5 but it's still so tempting! Haha ok Bye!

Hope you like it~ Happy 17!

Happy December everyone! X

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