Three in one

Helluuu! I'm back to Singapore! I'm gonna combine all three post into one because I thought it'd be weird if I post three post straight! So on Friday the Thirteen, we're free from school for approx. 3 weeks. Yay! Coincidental matching outfits with two of my girlz and since i brought my camera to school so I thought why not snap some shots before exam keke. Eba was easier than I thought it's gonna be yay! I'm enjoying holiday so far! So far so good, so enjoyable! ^-^


After the paper, my Boy came to fetch me and we decided to have Sushi buffet before meeting our friends! It's a great meal and nice chatting session we had there!


After wards we went to meet two of our fwens yay I finally get to see them!!! Caught Everybody's business (it's pretty good! Kept laughing throughout) It feels so good to be with them!<3
Boy tried to use the hand gesture control but he failed cuz I snap it before him!

My pretty Sweetheart!

I love all of you so much!

Left Singapore in the morning and reached in the afternoon. I'm in love with the Hotel the moment I step in so I went on a full retard mode keke! Every part of it was so pretty and I immediately regret for not bringing my Camera along b/c my phone camera just don't do justice to the interior! Or maybe because I'm too used to using my Cameraaaaa

It's never easy to take picture with babies because they don't like to stay in the same position for long so I'm glad that mine are still presentable. Since it's such a rare opportunity, why not post all right? Keke

My Newborn (1)
My Newborn (2)
My newborn (3)
My Newborn (4)

With my Sissy and couzzie!
Mirror shot!

I love this shot but only if it's taken with my camera (b/c it'd be in a better quality)..

Met this boy for Movie and dinner! Had our dinner and we had to wait for our movie at 9 so we decided to chill at Starbucks first! And Frozen is a really good movie! I don't mind watching it again *-*

How do I look if I'm a Lego?
What about my Boy?

I'm finally with this post and omg this is such a long post! Anyway, I guess I was in mood for denim and tank dress that few days & that should explain my similar outfits! (no no, they're obviously not the same piece lur they're just identical!)  Ok I shall get going and have fun reading it! Xx

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