Merry X'mas! Spent my Christmas with them and I absolutely love it! Went Starbucks to chill first while waiting for my Bestie to reach and yay I finally ordered their Secret Recipe and will be back for mine hoho. It's really an enjoyable night EXCEPT for one shit (well, that didn't spoil my X'mas mood thou)

Had Kazokutei for dinner and it was the worst Jap meal I ever had. I wasn't even kidding when I say that. First their service was really slow and shitty when they're not even busy. Next, their udon serving was really hilarious. That two is enough to make a customer flare right? but on top of that, their oyster suck. It stinks so badly that it caused my tofu burger to be tasteless and that waitress did not even call for the manager when she said she was going to wth srsly?  I just feel that the way the Manager respond to my feedback sucks so much & that's definitely the dumbest way to reply EVER. He said that it was frozen and flown from Japan maybe that result in the smell but we did give you sauce. Wth? So you mean your food can't be fresh b/c its from Japan? Also, so what if you gave me sauce? IT CAN'T COVER YOUR SMELLY OYSTER K. Anyway, you're like indirectly telling me your food not fresh need sauce cover lor. Whatever it is, I'm never heading back to Kazokutei. Never ever.

Enough of that shit (let's not spoil the festive season) because I believe that they're not going to make it in the long run either hahaha I'm not mean k it's just that they're way too much. They don't even respect us z you just fail totally. So so so we went to play Pool afterwards and I had a hard time deciding which is my master hand. Ok maybe I'm just weird la cuz I'm a Leftie but I'm also like a Right hander so we came to a conclusion I can use both of my hands just that I need more practice~

Peppermint Green tea with Java Chip. Totally worth the price!

Coincidental similar outfit but blur boo
Here's to my Dimple and Rose is freaking out hahaha 

My Sweetheart a.k.a my Secret Santa 
What's Christmas without you? 

Look at my Boy hahaah I just can't stop laughing!


Christmas eve:


Made cards with my Boy + packing present and that was when I realized how difficult it is to make a box (it took me like 2 hours hahaha) Time now is 4:29am and I'm still munching on chocolate since like 12? I should be sleeping instead but I don'tknow why haha but that should explain why my heavy eyebags are getting heavier and heavier uh? Alright goodnight everyone! I can't wait for New year celebration hehe. Ending off with Selfie and my 77kg eyebags that's probably stuffed with Chocolates? Who knows!

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