Stay close, don't go

Last week so hectic with all the projects presentation and all. On top of that, I've to tolerate the pain that migraine is giving me.... Thankfully it's over! All I remember was dragging myself to school on a Wed mornz for 8am lesson. Can u imagine how zombified I actually was? Thursday's presentation went pretty well I should say? At least I get to fight for myself and clarify everything that I was being accused of.

24th January; I finally get to release earlier (at 1pm)

 Reached home at 2358 which makes me in time to surprise my sister! It's her 20 birthday! Happy birthday sissy, love you!

25th January: 

Went to do some last minute CNY shopping but we have to stop cuz I was too giddy to even walk.. Why do I get dizzy so easily nowadays!?! But yay was way better after a cup of froyo!

I was just checking myself out and tada candid

 Watched I, Frankenstein ( it was good but the theatre suck, it's so.. weird??) Random urge to shop after the movie (at like 9pm ish?) Managed to get one and I was pretty pleased ^-^ 

Sunday was pretty chill as usual. Re-watched The Hunger Games and I can't stop thinking about the parody while watching haha! Monday was pretty good but time flies! Had macaroons and breakfast cereal to sweeten up my Monday mornings! School for 2hours was a waste of time b/c I wasn't even listening. Feel so cheated by today's REVISION lecture. But hey! On a brighter note, Cny is here soon! (looking forward to the holiday and all the good food!!) Alright I shall go and rest my eyes before I get giddy or wtv AGAIN.. ok bye! xx

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