Weekend horror

Spent my weekend fruitfully and if you guys ever wonder why is my tittle Weekend horror, it's because I had a super super terrible stomach ache that made me rush to toilets after toilets in the middle of the night while I was making my way home. I remember tapping out at like 00:50 at CCK just to rush to toilet and just when I was about to board the train, it acts up again and I have to speed home . It was so terrible:( So all these pics were actually taken when I'm still perfectly fine (don't get how my stomach changes this fast!) Bad tummy.

However that doesn't stop me from food again. Spent my Sunday on junks like Popcorns, pie, Green tea cream cheesecake etc etc. Teehee and oh yes, caught As the lights goes out & it was a pretty good movie! Realized that I've watching movies lately. It's already the fourth movie (I guess)  ever since the start of 2014! But, I'm still looking forward to my next movie date!:)

Anyway, did you realized that I've got like uneven lids lately? I don'tknow why my eyelids just can't go back to normal and it looks really ugly. You can see it from the pictures above:( Any ways to salvage it?  Help me I really dislike it!!

Alright, I think it's time for me to take a rest since I'm back this early! Ending with selfie of my ugly lids:( Goodbye! x

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