Took this picture few years back and I'm really missing those carefree life that I used to have. Not saying that I don't have any worries few years back but things are definitely simpler and less complicating at that point of time. Exams are coming real soon and I've not even started on Business Management (which is my first exam). Yes, I'm not even kidding to say that and I can sense trouble? Feeling so dull just by the thought of it..

I'm like a human that lost her soul.. not wanting to do anything.  All I can think of is just holiday and holiday.. Speaking of that I honestly just can't wait for this shit to end and enjoy my life. I miss watching sunset and it's been awhile since I last did that.. But to enjoy all that happily, I really need to get on track & study real hard. But why can't I just seems to do that?! All the stress that's multiplying in my mind are honestly suffocating me.. I just hope everything gets better and find some motivation to study..

In the mean time, I'll try to stay alive...

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