You reap what you sow

It's been a while since I last blogged because I barely have the time to. Pictures are piling so since I'm rather free today why not just Blog? Anyway I'm kinda stressed up cuz' I'm blogging instead of studying (like what the others r doing) But hurr I don't regret; weekends r meant to be enjoyed.

Setting all the negativity aside, I've decided to post up pictures (a mixture of cny and others) which I barely remember the content so I hope you'll understand and let pics do the job!I'll try to write if I remember~

First day of CNY;

Meet up with the clique in the middle of the night to catch up because all the tickets were sold out booohoo but at least we get to meet and talk and getting angry at Flappy bird haha!

Day two;

Headed to Aunt's house to gamble and catch up. Watch The Lion Men afterwards and it was pretty good. We were trying to take a picture while I was massaging which explains them crowding around me hahaha feels like we're advertising for it. 


I forgot when was this but we went to sweetheart's house to gamble and drink~ I think it was on a sunday..?


Head back to school on a Tuesday and we had two presentation straight. Thankfully it ended well and all I can do now is to hope for a good grade! I should be thankful to Bcomm because it definitely makes me improve on my presentation skills. But well, it's a kind of mixture feeling if you know what I mean.. 


Then I forgot about what happened in between the week b/c all I look forward to was Friday!

Spent my Friday morning with the girls while waiting for my Boy to reach! Had lunch with him then headed to Edwin's house for steamboat. Finally get to meet my Pengyou and we really catch up a lot which I personally love it! Caught The Monkey King at 2350 and I don't really like it thaaat much but it was still ok. Looking forward to my next movie; Robocop! 

Oh, before I go, there's this random idea popping out in my mind earlier on! What is it? Well, it is to get myself a/an (it sounds weird with an but aeiou? ha ha sorry my base not good) English name because it's rather hard to pronounce my name properly to some of you and sometimes it gets annoying hearing it AND AND  b/c I'd accidentally ignore them oops. Any idea what to name myself? Ok it sounds weird asking but if you have any idea maybe you can tell me at  Anyway~ I'm trying to get something more unique so stay tune? heh


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