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Hi guys! I'm finally back! In case you're wondering why am I not blogging when exams are over for a week or so, it's because I was busy going out after my paper ended on Wednesday! Then on Sunday, I had four of my wisdom teeth extracted! IT WAS A SUPER IMPROMPTU DECISION OMG (I'll talk it about later)

Ok so.. yay that finals had finally ended! It was fine I guess? But the twist was Econs turns out way better than Acf which I actually have some mixed feeling over it but thankfully its over! Also, if you're wondering why am I not posting pics on Valentine's.. it's because I forgot to bring my memory card out that day hahahaha so yep that shall explain. Anyway, I'm so in love with moi new Polaroid and I swear it's the prettiest!

Ok I've pictures with many many different dates so bear with me!


Saturdate with the Boy to Town and we caught Non-stop (yay it was so so good!) And then... rewinding back to exam week ... : 

Yes yes, I've been having Double Cheeseburger very often lately and the reason why I took this was because I had this at probably 1am with my Bestie! So glad that we get to catch up even for a little while over our sinfully supper wahaha!

Surprise from the Boy just b/c he saw my tweets!

I finally get the chance to use my Polaroid and we tried various modes that other Instax aren't equipped with! It was really hilarious and it got us laughing like mad esp the double exposure mode! It was a great day out with my lover boy! On the other hand, it was also a day that made me realized how realistic some people were! It's okay, I should never be annoyed over such worthless people right? (although I admit I was quite affected but oh well..~)

Ok let's talk about this recent Sunday! I had an impromPtu decision to extract my 4 wisdom teeth after lunch so I made an appointment with the Dental and headed down at around 4? The whole process were pretty scary as this is my freaking first time having teeth (whats more WISDOM teeth and it's freaking FOUR at once) extracted at a clinic. I don't even remember when's the last time I had my teeth plucked out! Thankfully the dentist was really friendly and funny ^_< 

Later on in the night, the numbness was still so bad that I couldn't feel my lips at all. I have to look at a mirror to see where my lips were in order to swallow the pills. It was horrible, the pain keep doubling up every minute and I have to force myself to swallow the pills (which at that point of time I couldn't even drink water).. If you wish to see my teeth you should probably head to my Twitter but beware! It's not for minor and it even has my gum on it! 

Guess who came in the morning with porridge? 

I'm guessing all of you got it right! Yep my special someone wahaha! Really got to thank him for visiting me, feeding me, and even got me ice pack to reduce the swelling! It was a simple yet enjoyable day spent with you!

Ok.. that's about all and I'm hoping that I'll be able to recover asap so that I can go out and have some fun! I feel like I'm just wasting my concession away~ Also, I've all sorts of cravings which I can't wait to have them satisfied! Oh yes, I tried to have biscuit ytd and it was successful but I regretted after having three because it hurt so badly and I could taste the blood haha people like me just can't go on diet uh? Alrighto, I guess I'll see you guys soon and who knows I might just recover tmr (highly impossible thou) right?! Haha enjoy your holidays if you're having one! Bye! 

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