How my Saturday-ish Thursday went. Decided to blog about it as I'm waiting for my food to be digested but I'm taking forever to blog as I was Youtubing haha. Anyway today's like a super fattening day as I had 2 pacs of Chips excluding my proper meals (lunch & dinner) AND on top of that, I had McSpicy (+ cheese) and Apple pie for my supper >v< I'm feeling the fats but o well it does feels good to have my cravings all satisfied teehee

Before I end off my post, I wish to share with you guys about my thoughts of getting a pup.. Well, I honestly do feel like getting one and I'd really LOVE to but I'm thinking if I'm able to commit to that in many factors. I'm actually thinking of either a Shih Tzu or Pug which I've been trying to find! In the mean time, I guess I'll have to think more about the commitment part! Xx

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