Dog Cafe

Headed to a Dog cafe on Thursday and I sure do enjoy my time there. It was so peaceful and it makes me kinda stress-free. Throughout the stay, not even a negative thought came to my mind despite the fact that I'll getting my result the next day.  It was awkward for me and the Boy at first as they're only close to the regulars but oh man, I didn't expect such a huge change afterwards which totally melt my heart! It's like even the smallest action they do will win my heart! They're so adorbs & I'm pretty sure that I'll be returning to that Cafe anytime soon! And yes if you're visting the Cafe, make sure you bring a Cardi along! They love it and they'll come to you if you're with cardi especially during their nap time! But also do note that they shed! My cardi was filled with furs of different breed but since they're such qt I don't even mind *v*!

 Alright I shall go wash up (hopefully my Tomyam supper has already digest) and sleep as I'll be heading out earlier later on! Ending with just one more pic of me and Duchess! I secretly hope all these Furballs are mine so that I can snuggle with them all day everyday! So much love Xx

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