Time really flies! It's been a week since I had 4 of my teeth extracted! Anyway today is like a  fetish-for-bread day~ I had 4 cream cheese bread so far and I'm munching on corn bread bites as well as chocolates ones too. I don't know why there's this random craving but I guess it might be due to yesterday? If you're wondering.. yesterday was kina hell for me at the later part of the night. I was really nauseous and having cold sweats all over :( I still do feel like puking come to think of it..

Ahh anyway, look who's able to suck through straw now? Also on Friday when I had my first meal out, I was able to finish my Eggs benedict yay! You must have thought I'm recovering fast uh? Well I guess not? I tried having pasta and pizza yesterday at Timbre but it was still so hard for me.. so I guess the reason why I'm able to finish my food on Friday was because they're soft enough for me (haha yes false hope that I'm better) But o well, it's just 7 days since my extraction and I'm sure I'm improving! Slowly but surely~ 

Alright stay tune for my next Blog post! Even I myself can't wait because it was a really good day out except for the fact that I was dying at the later part! Here's a preview and if you do follow me close enough, you'd have know where I went! ^_< Oh anyway! I really really wish that I can have a puppy on my own:( But I guess that might have to wait due to many many factors~ Alright see ya in a bit! I can't wait!

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