Part I:

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What I did to him hiak hiak

I know I've said that I'm very excited to blog out the fun I had last Friday and Saturday (yes I know it has been close to a week alr) but I still don't have Saturday's pictures with me thus I've decided to split them up into 2 blog post! This was taken on 7 March when I had my first meal out after my extraction and as you can see from the picture (I don't know if you notice but I do), my jawline are still alittle swollen and bruised.

I've been rather busy heading out, working & searching high and low for Pugs. Pug are hard to come by in Singapore and that sucks.. does anyone know where can I get one? A healthy one pls! Do help me know if you've any idea on where can I get them!

Ok, it's a bit hard for me to type without my sepcs (I misplaced it and gave up searching for it) so I guess that's about all! But before I go, here's a good piece of news to me; I'll be removing the stiches tomorrow! I'm glad for that however my only concern is that my lower left gum are not recovering as fast as my lower right..which I hope that it's not a big issue. Wish me luck and stay tune for my Part II blog post! See you!

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