Hi guys! So as you can see (from the above pics), I'm back to bangs and chopped approx. 3 inch off! It was such an impromptu one. I thought that I'll just trim since I'm getting my bangs but who knows I ended up chopping this much gosh. Oh and pardon me for lack of updates because.. I'm always forgetting about my camera and even if I do remember its either.. 1) I forgot to charge 2) Memory card is missing #whatsnew right? haha! But hey I'm back & here's an update about my recent trip with my friends *_< We took about 150 pictures and I really had a hard time picking a few out wished I could post them all >_< Note: 3/4 of them are taken with Nikon camera and a few from iPhone5!

where the hell m I staring at? Haha I'm guessing one of my fwen that's not in da pic

How's my twisting skill? Can I pass off as some secondary kidz? Hehe! School is starting in about 6 days and I'm dreading it... gonna make full use of these remaining days and I hope you guys r maximising your last few days too! See you again soon bye!

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