Flu bug

Hi guise! As you can from the tittle itself, I'm down with flu. Not just that all their friends came along too (high fever, sore throat, cough, feeling nausea etc etc) and I was feeling like hell in the mornz. Dragged my feet to school (for the sake of the quiz and Amaths) and popped some pills. It was working well at first but the aching and shivering keep coming back and off and it got worsen to the extent that Panadol can no longer cure (gosh!) 

Requested to leave earlier prolly 7ish pm and rushed to the clinic! Despite that pill I had before consulting the doctor, my fever is still as high as 38.1 wtfuk?! And it goes to the extent of not pronnouncing things properly. I told my tutor Brueplint when I meant Blueprint and shit that was so embarrassing.. Anyway~ I actually wore long sleeve to school with a comfy hoodie which made me look like some sicko cuz the weather aren't that cold! Come to think of it, I could have skipped school today since I wasn't listening to 3/4 of the lesson (even though I came for the sake of those lesson. Irony much) cuz I feel SO terrible.. Good news is that I the doct gave me2 days MC and I can totally make use of this to take a reaaaaally good rest! 

On a side note: I was scrolling thru my gallery and some photos taken weeks back and yes Me & my Boy did the makeup tag but we thought of redoing it because my camera died half way that day and we film with phones (his and mine), laptop and the quality aren't consistent! Here's the preview of it and when I'm feeling better, we shall refilm again! Don't he look pretty? And I just have to say his make up skillls suck HAHA! 

Pretty boy much

And yes, few days back, I plucked out some chilli that my Dad planted! Thought that I could share with you guys cuz their appearance were rather unique (so skinny yet so long!) Ok time for me to get some rest since the medication are taking effect! Bye!;)

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