Finally get to spend my Saturday with my Bestie and also not forgetting Happy 5! It was fun and I had a great time catching up with my Bestie (whom I miss soooo much) and if you're wondering why there's only one pic.. it's because I forgot my camera AGAIN and all we care about was having fun thus I only urge a group photo at the end keke!

Caught Spiderman2 on Friday and it made me come to a conclusion which is; I should rewatch all the Marvel because they're amazing and partly it's because I forgot most of them >< Speaking of this, I can't wait for X-men! There's too many nice movie coming out and I just can't wait! May's gonna be a good month, I can sense it:) Anyway, time flies and this is already the third week of school! School was pretty fine so far but I just can't wait for my holiday already! Who don't right?! Oh yes I'm anticipating about something else too so stay tune cuz I just can't reveal it yet! Xx

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