I'm finally back to this space! I apologise for not posting any Blog entries for a month+ but well I WAS really busy:( I was sick for a week (first week of May) and the week after was Boy's birthday so I had to do some final preparations! (even though I was pretty much prepared by then but nono it's better to be safe than sorry) Next up was e-learning which left me with assignments and workshops to attend to & the last week of May was my common test which I barely even have time to study!  Glad its holiday now but sick bug just have to find me uh.. right after my paper, I was down with fever and the next day I woke up with Migraine which lingers till Saturday. Dontknow to say I'm lucky or what hahaha must be too much of Pepero! Had 3 pacs consecutively for three days as my snack haha oops. 

Ok back to the point!! Updating this space now while snacking on Laoban teehee. I guess it was pretty much predictable with the title so yup it was Boy's 19th birthday on the 17th of May! So what I've been anticipating for weeks finally happened! Yes yes Staycation! I've been really really looking forward to it since it was my first time planning & it also serve as a mini getaway for us since we're pretty much stuck with school. 

Check in earlier to prepare before tricking him over! Blind fold him and lead him all the way to the hotel with pizzas waiting for him! Honestly, it was tedious to bring him over but it was a whole new experience to me and him:)

looks like he's tryna squeeze into my lappy hahaha

After getting our tummy filled, we started our movie marathon and afterwards was some photo-taking session with these pretty balloons! It's was way prettier real life and I can't express how satisfied I'm with the combinations! *-*

/from Boy's phone/

Headed for a stroll later on in the night and got ourselves some snacks! It was fun walking along the streets and we both felt like a foreigner for that moment. Ahh, I missed it, that carefree moment!

And when the clock strikes 00:00, blind folded him again to surprise him with a second cake that I've been trying to hide in the fridge since check in! I'm glad he really enjoyed both of them

17 May
We both woke up early for breakfast buffet which makes our tummy explode! Anyway we're in prev outfit because we wanted to get into the pool with that since we forgot to bring our swimwear along but boo we did not in the end urgh I was so tempted to honestly!

Headed back to room to chill and wash up. Time just unknowingly fly and soon it was time for us to check out! Guess time just flies when you're having fun!

Headed for a movie (guess it was Godzilla) with Happy 5 before meeting the other 5 for Part 2 of Boy's surprise!

My bangs are too long and it irritates my eyes! Bangs grow incredibly fast and I've alr trimmed twice since Boy's big day haha oops I'll be more on time in updating next time!
free red lip stick by the tom yam haha ha 

Booked all 10 of them a month ago since we're all so busy and I'm glad all 10 turned up! Yay! Many love to all of you x

Before I go, I know it's been over a month now but..
To Fag: I'm glad how the Staycation as well as Part 2 of the surprise went! Even though it was just a 2D1N, I hope you enjoyed yourself with this mini getaway that I've planned! Many more getaways together ok and I'll always love you my pillar of strength! You're honestly the best human that's ever been mine apart from my family! Love you my Legal +1 Boy!


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