Went Wild Wild Wet on Saturday and it got me burnt as you can see from the above pics. Don't you think I look I'm wearing blusher? Haha I guess it does. Nothing much has change except for the additional Torpedo slide which allows you to experience free falling from about four storeys high. It's scary being inside the capsule while they count down and once it reaches 1, that fall was.. woooah! That unexpected G-force was scary but I hated this the most as this got me countless of bruises. I've got a few bumps on my head and it even hit on my hit bone >:( Probably cuz I didn't lean back enough since my Boy and friends were fine from it!

Just caught Transformers and it was good! Can't wait to rewatch the previous ones later on! School in a few hours and I'm still awake urgh I should probably go get ready to sleep. Stay tune to this page as I'll be posting another Blog post very soon! Clue's below: 

Happy Monday guys! Reality in awhile sigh

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