Time bomb

Don't you think time ticks so fast that it seems like a time bomb at times? Seems like its just yesterday that I got my well-deserved holiday but truth is one week of my holiday has already past. Da hell right? I couldn't believe it too. Hm I guess its true that time flies when you're having fun! Don't you think so?

Last week was fully packed (back-to-back) with buffet, movie, shows marathon, world cup, food and more food. And also I remember staying up doing project on a Thursday (even with migraine) till 4am which I totally regret it the next day since I stayed up for World cup with ma clique. But yey I survived. Well I know it's pretty rare for me to be hooked on soccer since I was never into it but hey it's pretty fun watching them score! I guess the company plays a part too!

So on Sunday we decided to stay up again but this time round we went for all 3 match! Spent mai day with my family first before heading out to meet my clique and apart from watching the match, we also pretty much indulge in food. I had Green tea frappe for the first match and as the second match I'm already munching on Double Mcspicy with cheese haha oops and that's like 3am in the morning? Also, I couldn't get to back when I got home at about 9am. Guess my body clock is screwed >w<

Right now I'm snacking on cookies hoping to ease my horrible cramp agh I hate menses. I was dying in the theatre earlier while watching The fault in our stars. However on the bright side, I've already had this week planned and I just can't wait for it! But..the thought of next week? Just mehhhh

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