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Headed to school for a test before meeting my boy for our day out. It's been about 1-2months since we visited USS so we thought why not spend our 20th monthsary there. Noticed that they even upgrade their lockers by using thumb print instead of the usual password. Pretty cool uh? Oh yes it was burning hot over there which contradicts from the weather in school. As you can see from most of the pics, my eyes are like - - cuz I can barely open my eyes haha! Also, the sun made me perspire so badly that my drawn eyebrows just faded HAHA #SHITHAPPENS. Regret not bringing my shades over:(Anyway, I came to realise that I'll never get sick of Mummy ride; it still got me every time without fail. 

Went Monster curry as planned and we ordered the biggest which is crazy monster curry combo if I'm not wrong? I know it don't look big in pic here so I tried putting palm there for comparison. Look! It can easily fill about 5 of my palm and we both finished it by OUR OWN HAHA. We got giant appetite. √

And as for today, I was down from a sudden flu and fever so I left school for home during my last lecture. It just hit me so suddenly that even I myself got shocked. Glad I'm feeling better now. Here's some watermelon in attempt to hydrate and cool myself down:)

And lastly, before I go:

Thank you sweet little ass for holding onto us for 608 days and never once let go despite some downs we once had. I love you silly and I always will. 608 stars and still counting on. X

Stay tune as I blog about my Mermaid jeyjey's 20th!

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