Celebrated Joey's birthday last wednesday yayz. Happy 18th Joey bb, hope you like the pressie that I gave and also our kinda fail surprise but hahahaha it's your fault fr turning ok *insert stick out tongue emoji*


Had Tsukada Nojo with ma fam after school. So, it's well-known for its chicken and the collagen stock but sadly it wasn't up to our likings. The soup base was too thick and it gives off a sticky kinda feel which you'll grow sick as soon as your second bowl of serving. Variety are also limited which I feel that it ain't worth the price. /25 per pax excluding GST and service charge/ The total bill adds up to about $155 which I think we deserve better food for that amount paid.  I mean I can easily get countless of fresh sashimi served rather that this pot of soup with limited variety to choose from.. but I must say the service here is good! Headed for slice of cake then to sogurt before meeting ma clique for Hercules.


Rest of the picture are taken over the week which I probably have forgotten the exact dates. hahaha. Cleared another module today and I must say I hate the third question which made me go !@$%# To worsen it, impromptu speech is just tomorrow and I'm getting freaked out every now and then just by the thoughts of it :( I hope I don't blank out and blush like how the practice session did! if you're imagining, you shouldn't.. cuz I probably look like..: 


Alright, wish me luck! x

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