Here's some of the photos that I took over th week and yes mainly are all about food but you can't blame me since I'm a foodie. So glad that Friday has finally arrived haha I feel so choking during the weekdays :(

Just thought of sharing with you guys about my :( experience with Fish and Co. Went Fish & Co with the Boy the day before and since I was feeling a little heaty, I got myself pasta instead of their signature Fish & Chips which made me regret right after a bite. Their pasta was so dry and the taste was just mehh. I guess I'll only go back for Fish & Chips and never their for pasta! Lesson learnt: only get the restaurant's signature dishes.

Tomorrow (saturday)'s just gonna be like another school day since I've to head back for photoshoot at 930am. But at least I get to have some fun later in the afternoon ^_< Alright time to enjoy my friday! Bye and see you soon! X

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