balloons that keeps bursting with just one blow. // $10.90 yet such low quality shame on u

spot Pehto bomb (Mr.Peh + photobomb)

Celebrated my Mermaid jeyjey's 20th last sunday. We placed balloons on the grass forming a heart shaped before calling her to meet us downstairs haha. To jeyjey: We hope you enjoyed the surprise! It's a pity that we didn't manage to get a group photo

And as usual, I spent my week indulging in food! You know I gotta enjoy while I can cuz my test and project due dates are all coming soon and I predict I'll be busier & busier. :(

Just can't get enough of cheese related food, froyo, beefs and choco haha all the junks >'v'< Oh anyway, me and my boy stepped into Griddys again (even thou we said we'll never come back) to try out their desserts; S'more but turns out that it was just normal. Well, the highlight of S'more was supposed to be the melted mallows but mehh theirs was hardly/not melted and the waffles? slightly warmer than cold even with me requesting to be hotter. I thought their Mains are only the letdown but turns out that their desserts aren't any better hmph time to strike them off and never visit again for sure!

That's about all for now. Time to get back to my Japanese! さよなら (sayonara, which means bye!) Xx

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