Hi, mai name iz brown-仔 and I look like a bear don't I?

One of my closer friend; Amecan, got herself a puppy recently so we visited him on Saturday by a ride from Edwin and we really had an enjoyable time with this cutie before heading to supper! And..since I ended school earlier than predicted today, I headed over again to visit Brown-仔 before meeting the rest for movie and I'm actually surprised by the difference! It's only like 4 days since I last saw him but he grew slightly longer and became more adapted to the surrounding which is somehow showing the true self of toy poodle! 

I'm currently on fur kid craze again and I'm super excited to seeing his growing process and more tricks performed! He's just 2 months old and he can actually do the "bang" trick omg genius u! Wish I brought my camera along but it was such an impromptu trip there! 

Ok I may look like some crazy girl blogging at 1:29 despite having classes at 9 in the morning but omg he's sucha qt how can u not love him right?!?! hahaha also on a random day (which I don't really rmb when), I decided to apply lipstick on my Boy and I think he's rocking it yo!

blurry shot but I like

Fyi: we're wearing the same lipstick but it just turns out different shades! I guess that's why people often say not every colour that you think suits you will suit you! So any girls reading this, you might wanna try the colour out on your skin before purchasing! X

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