Never enough

I guess being able to enjoy your day out with your friends is what happiness is all about! Spent my Saturday with these 3 lovelies with rides and also with them hearing my RANTS. Yes ranting about how awful my last mid-week was:( It wasn't exactly hell but I just feel that I don't deserve it with the kind of efforts I've put in! You know the feeling when you've given your best but your best isn't enough? oh well what's done is done all I can do now is hope that there's at least justice for me..? 

Boy tried to cheer me up by asking me to shout what's bothering me out during the rides (especially the part when the ride is dropping down) and he even did it with me hahaha the both of us were literally screaming at the top of our lungs! And omg yes I did feel better like way better teehee so if you guys are feeling vexed or anything like that, you can try heading to some seaside or thrilling rides to scream! 

(I forgot to snap a pic of Edwin's hahahaha)
& here's me and my freckles signing off

Hope August is a better month! X

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