Bestie's 19

Hi guys! I know the last time I blogged, I mention that the next entry will be for shopaholics BUT I'm sorry cuz there's still something more to work on.  I've already drafted out the blog entry, just waiting for the party to read through and see if there's anything I can improve on and I'm afraid it might take some time on their side (me liaising with them and all) that's why I might not be able to post it up any time soon:( hopefully before Korea trip! Yep yep hope everyone can understand!:) 

So moving on to this entry, it's about my Bestie's 19! Met him for lunch after my work the day before his birthday and we talk about life hahaha it's always fun having someone to talk to isn't it? Went home to take a shower, rest etc before heading to ma Rose house to plan the surprise. Instead of being super efficient on the surprise, we spent quite some time talking and looking for designs for henna because the sweet Rose offered to draw hehe and here's what she did for me:

& the only thing that I did for maself is this circle hahaha don't judge it's such a lovely circle!

Time flies damn fast during that period and the next moment when we take a look at the clock we were late for the surprise!! So we speed up and went down to surprise da Bestie! (yes, they're neighbours hahaha such coincidence uh?) Below are some pictures we took but gosh pardon my tired face

Hope you like the mini surprise we've planned for you and sorry the others couldn't come due to school but still, Happy 19th! Glad to have a friend like you! 


30 August:

Chanced upon 3 pugs while waiting for Miyake and omg the pugs are such qt!!!! I forgot to snap a pic of the 3rd pug b/c I'm so into petting them!

Alright that's about all for now! &Remember about my Part 2 of the fun that I said I was about to post? Haha I know it's been months but I still have not gotten the pics from my cousie oops I shall get it from her soon and hopefully both post (Part 2 of the fun & the post dedicated for shopaholics) can be up ASAP! Looking forward to them myself too! In the mean time, hope you enjoyed this post! 

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