Hi guys! Told you that you'll be seeing me soon!;) Fun fact: in case you're confused by my tittle it's actually a nickname for my boyfriend's bolster, his childhood bolster! In my case I grew up calling mine "chou chou". My Mum threw it away when I was about 10 I guess? Lucky for my boy, he managed to salvage his!

Well getting back to the topic,  so me and my Boy came up with this idea; sewing a "bubu" for each other. The reason why we decided to sew a "bubu" instead of me just bringing Fag, which is the bear that he got for me during one of our monthsary is b/c I once watched a horror movie that freaked me out so badly that I've stopped bringing soft toys overseas since then:( So with this new pillow, it allows me to hug during flights or while sleeping and at the same time, without making me so paranoid about bears ;)

We went to get the ingredients and caught Maze runner (and hell it was damn amazing!!) before heading to his house to do up the "bubus"!

Ma boy donated a few of his shirts as choices. We thought it's more comfy to use clothes instead of getting new cloths! And we got ourselves 2 cottons!:)

Choose your cloth! So for me, I chose the maroon tee for da boy! And I cut out that to use it as its nose teehee

Draw/Sketch out what you want

So for me.. I decided to make him a rabbit head!

Cut out and sew some of the parts and taxa you're ready to put the cotton in!

But before that...lemme take a break and have my bread yumz

&Here's how the cotton looks like when opened!

After filling them up with cotton, you gotta sew it! p/s: forgot to take mine, probably cuz I'm snacking

Sneakily snap a shot of my boy while he's sewing them

This time round I got caught:( thanks to the flash!

& Tada, there you have it:

I was too sleepy to even show my face b/c we did this till about 2 am and I didn't sleep well the night before this so yep gotta hide my face yo! The end product isn't that bad right? *secretly thinks I did a better job* but yay to mine being just a square cuz I'm afraid hahaha!

We definitely enjoyed the process of making our brand new "bubu"! Thought that it's a pretty good idea to actually make this as a gift! I mean it's filled with love and whatsmore it's one of a kind since you're the creator of it;)

Scheduled this entry at 10:35pm on the 13 of september so that my Boy can read it right after my plane take off;) So to da Boy: really gotta thank you for coming over today (Friday) and accompany me to pack my luggage & you even tolerate my crankiness + my overloading pms hormones (blame the med). Sorry if you get a little bored cuz you were doodling when I kinda neglect you at some point:( Although we did nothing much today (which I'm kinda guilty), I still enjoy it a lot especially the h2h part!  See you in 8 days time and I'll miss you! Love you sweetie and thanks for being sucha gift to me! Do remember to take good care of yourself and not to overwork yourself with work! Love you xx

And ofcos I'll miss many more people since they're my pillar of strength too! Xx Side note: Flying in less than 24 hours time, having mixed feeling but yeah, still looking forward to the trip!:) Alright gotta hit the sack it's over 3 now!

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