Ice exhibit x Timbre

Hi guys I know it's been about 6 months since I've been saying to post up Part 2 of the fun but it's only recently that I've gotten the pics from my cousin! So we celebrated my Aunt's birthday by visiting the Ice exhibit and heading Timbre afterwards! Below are some of the pics so enjoy!:)

About 10 seconds after stepping in, we thought it wasn't that cold so we took off our coat and #yolo but hahaha we were wrong and put back our coats immediately after a few shots. We were literally freezing ahahaha

my qt Momsie

Momsie and Aunt left b/c it was too cold so me the boy and ma cousin stayed in and snap a few more shots ;)

Afterwards we head over to Timbre and chillax~

Time really flies don't they? Just a blink of eyes and it's 6 months already; with me being skinnier and with long fringe. Oh yes that was when I just got my wisdom tooth extracted not long ago too! I know it's about too long to wish my aunt but still, hope you had an enjoyable day with us and thank you for treating me like your own daughter. Love you, xx

Alright, gotta go pack my luggage with my boy now aha he's all bored from watching me blog! See you when I see you again (I know it's gna be soon and you'll know why soon hahaha winks;) )

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