Introducing you to..

Hi guys! Just as promised from the previous entry, I'm back with something more interesting and I'm sure many (esp shopaholics) would be interested in! So many shopaholics out there, do you feel troubled at times when you feel like you're overspending?

And do you find yourself paying special attention to the price and be like: 

I'm sure many would be able to relate right? I mean I get that too! Even a 5% discount makes me feel like guilty! So without further ado, let me introduce you to..

iPrice has moved to affiliate store providing way more labels! And in case you're a little confused, thinking about what's going on

Well continue reading! ^^

iPrice is a newly set up shop that provides affordable prices for many brands! I'm honestly amazed by the number of brands they work with! *-* The brands range from American apparels (omg just omg) to beauty products from Sephora to foot wear from Nike, Haivanas etc and even more affordable brands like Converse!

It's actually very easy to navigate around the website! The best part is, iPrice provides additional information so you'll know where u can get them in Singapore (be it physical store or online)!!! This save the hassle for you to search through each and every online store don't it?

For example if I want a pair of Nike shoes, all I have to do is..

 Key in Nike (the keywords from the item you're finding will do!)

& tada! items will appear and yay you see that sales over there?!?! *insert hearts emoji* 

Apart from the current benefits that you shoppers are getting,  iPrice offers coupon codes (yes promotion omg!) for shops like Zalora! Which mean you can actually get further discount even from the ongoing sales!

I'd totally give a thumbs up for iPrice!

& with iPrice, you get to..

Meaning to say you can

I'm sure everyone wants to be able to shop with affordable prices right? So what are you waiting for?! Head over to iPrice today and unleash your shopaholic self! ;)

Signing off my Teddy bear (aka Fag) & Winnie


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