Hi guys I know it's been a really long time but hey I'm back from my semi-hiatus and I'm here to update you about my Days in Trip now that I'm done with my assignments (yay, can I haz champagne?) Ok so I was in Korea for 8D6N and I'll only be sharing my first two days in this entry! Let's go!

Day 1:

Poppy, da boy and my really awesome friends went to the airport with me to send me off aww aren't they sweet? Really appreciate it! Too bad momsie couldn't come cuz she got some concert going on. Loiter around the airport before it's really time for me to go and it feels really suckish and sourish to be leaving them esp when they're so dearie to me:( But that's where my #bwsinkorea journey begins!

Day 2:


Chose Bibimbap and it's pretty decent! I like how it's warm when served (you can even see the vapour from the first pic)

pretty scenery, if only I'm by the window seat!

Touched down at about 555 in the morning and here's the first pic we took in bus!

First breakfast! It's fish cake with udon and according to the tour guide, it's a famous dish as their breakfast but tbh I didn't really like it >:( but their kimchi was good! *-*

Next we headed to Gyeongbok palace

Hii..? what pose should I give? *awkward* fail 1
fail 2 


And honestly, I'm so in love with the sky!

And then it was time for lunch yay! Had shabu shabu and I had quite a number of rounds *fat life alert*


Next was something more interesting! N seoul tower! I'm so happy to be here b/c..? You'll find out in a bit! Side note: the 11 degree elevation was hell tho


And finally, Love locks *-*

Was rather reluctant in getting one since my Boyfriend isn't with me but I still did in the end b/c I figure out that we can come back to find the lock and do another one together and so I bought it! You must be shock cuz I actually bought pink instead of purple right? B/c for once I feel that pink is nicer than purple. Well the purple is just not my fav kind of purple

Here's me writing after brainstorming for a little while!

And in case these pictures aren't clear enough, I wrote: 

Front: (Top left): 711  (Bottom right): With love, Yilin & Kai
Back: (Top): Forever & Always (Bottom): Faglove4life
1st side: 07.11.12
2nd side:      

Didn't throw the key since my Boy isn't around so I took it back to Singapore instead to give him so that one day we can come back to open it and do a new one together! Wait for me Seoul tower, I'll definitely be back!

Dinner's up next and we had Gingseng chicken soup! Didn't really like the noodle but I was in love with the rice that's stuffed inside!

After dinner dessert? ft Paris Baguette's matcha ice cream

Then we finally get to check into our hotel! After washing up and all, me and the girls head to Insadong for some shopping therapy! We also got some snacks back but I forgot to snap a pic except for this drink haha!


That's pretty much all for Day 1 & 2! See you in my Day 3 & 4 entry!
P/s: In order to make things look more organised, I'll upload all my loots in one entry instead ^-^

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(¸.·´ (¸.·´ (¸.·¨¯`♥ Yilin

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