Day 3:

Day 3 isn't something fascinating since we visited 2 university but it's a good experience isn't it?:) Started my day off with breakfast and yes I'm a huge eater and it's never full for me hahahaha and I had ALL my breakfast without fail even tho I didn't manage to snap a pic for all 8 days (my phone would usually be charging while I'm having breakie)

With our hyperactive drive: Carisma. *I had to hide my half opened eyes 

We first went to Chung-Ang university and I've made some new (korean) friends! Spent quite awhile interacting with them before touring around the school :)

Shortly after that was lunch! ^-^ Finally bibimbap!

And oh I spotted G-dragon and how not to take a picture you tell me!?!?!

After lunch, we headed to Ewha's women university!

Dinner's right after this and we had Dak Galbi which is a mixture of here & there (Veggie, tofu, rice cake, mushroom, spicy sauce, rice etc)

When there's free time? we make full use of it and shop! (be it food or cosmetics or clothes)

And one of my greatest regret was probably not getting this specs (in silver) back. What was I exactly thinking?

Poop like pancake fer you?

Was craving for something icy after all the strong flavoured intake but somehow got attracted to this Cheesecake sandwich instead

It's so yummy that 1 weren't enough but too bad my throat was aching up!

And here's how I usually look like in the hotel; lazing around using phone and most probably snacking too. I'd usually snap a few pictures to send to my parents/boyfriend/friends. You may wish to call me purple riding hood as of today #judgeme

Day 4:

My sensitive nose act up pretty bad in Korea which also causes sore throat:( thankfully jon translated for me so that I can haz my medicine!

Day 4 was a pretty long day as we get to visit 3 companies; Kia motors, Pungmi and Kbs. The medicine made me drowsy BUT I didn't had a good rest on the way to Kia b/c the medicine made me so gasy that I feel like puking:( Thankfully the subsequent time that I eat it doesn't feel as hell as the first..

Upon Reaching Kia, the tour guide gave us a presentation on Kia and then we head to their production factory! We were given a walkie talkie as the production factory is too noisy and we needed this to hear the tour guide's explanation.

Headed to Pungmi to know how they make their kimchi but first, we had our lunch there! Their soup was a bit too salty for my likings but I'm loving the beef in it.

Next, we were given a tour around Pungmi

Kbs was next and yay to seeing their set! Too bad I didn't bump into any artist:(

The amount of lights they have just for filming

Then we head outside to their set where they film their traditional drama here, talking about the days back in 80-90s. 

Such a good place calls for a group photo isn't it?

And exploring more of the place..

Group photo with our awesome KBS tour guide:) 

Selfie time! She initially posed with a twist and because I was doing this action to activate the selfie countdown (a function of G3), she switched her pose too haha so cute and I feel so  not posing like that oops!

Next's up was Hongdae street! Their street food looks so yumz right? But honestly it's just so so.. ordered the fried potato with hot dog and it wasn't up to expectation.. 

And yes I warn, a lot of YG pictures coming up. It's not like I always get to come here so pardon me! So happy to be here and what's even happier was my last day in Korea! (you can find out why when I blog about it/my instagram!)

Fyi: this car was used on Gdragon's One of a kind concert *-*

And how can I miss out on G-dragon's standee?!



Headed to Angel in us and I must their service suck. Look at that pathetic amount of whipped cream! I requested for more but she told me additional charges applies!??! I go starbucks no need additional charges also more full than you ok? And I always get another cup of whipped cream FOR FREE. So stingy for what whipped cream also not very expensive? Also they look very shock when I say I wanted whipped cream. Hmm? Anything wrong with wanting whipped cream?? WHATSMORE IS THAT THE GREEN TEA FRAPPE SUCK BECAUSE IT'S WAY TOOOOOOOO SWEET:(

Angel or Devil? Which one do you prefer more?

Then we cab over to Myeongdong for more shopping cuz Hongdae has nothing much (APM was closed that day mehh)

Then we head back to hotel. We managed to walk our way back even tho we were like missing but we still did it yey! Alright will blog about Day 5&6 soon! P/s: It should hopefully be up on Sunday^^ Till then xx

 ¸.·´¸.·¨) ¸.·¨) 
(¸.·´ (¸.·´ (¸.·¨¯`♥ Yilin

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