Day 5:

Started my day right with breakie and I finally to snap a pic after like how many days??

Had a visit to SISUL to find out about their traffic and all

And yey it's time for lunch but meh at that Army stew. It was way too sweet for my liking and I had to add a bunch of kimchi to my bowl of soup to adjust that taste. I kept complaining to the girls that it was my worst meal but still I had quite a lot ^_<

Headed to SIM (Samsung innovation museum) and we get to find out more about how they develop, their milestone and all


In case you're wondering what's this huge thing is, it's actually walkie talkie! The first batch if I'm not wrong

Here's some series of their phone. Their advancement (only took those that I find it interesting tho hahaha)


Headed to Pyeongtaek port for a ferry ride and understanding more about their facilities


With our hyperactive driver ^-^

 Pardon my super chubby face it happens all thanks to my pig-ness. Always sleeping right after meals. Even in bus hahaha 

Off shore and finally a normal picture with this girl. She's having seasick and she couldn't open her eyes on almost all the picture!

Then we left the place and after this picture I pig out again! What's new right?

Soon after was dinner  *-* BBQ and their black pork is damn good! Too bad they don't serve beef! I think I had the most, again hahaha but what to do? I'm THAT good at eating teehee don't see me as some monsterr

Head back to hotel to put our things before heading to Insadong for a short shopping!

I shall update Day 6 along with Day 7 while Day 8 shall be updated with my loots in Korea! The reason why is because Day 6 has a lot of pictures as we visit various places like trick eye, ice museum and all! (partly because I'm running late now><) Do stay tune and I shall go prepare for Halloween #HHN4! Hopefully it'll be manageable for me because I'm sucker for horror:( alright see you when I see you again! X

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