Day 6:

Started my day (apart from breakfast) with this Strawberry yogurt smoothie and mehh it was too sweet! Thank god I only got regular (nearly gotten large as I was having some huge craving from froyo) cuz I couldn't even finish them:( Threw 3/4 away when I reached the museum

Walked around the museum and only 1 thing or so that caught my attention and I have no idea why an emergency button looks more attractive:/

 But ok at least there's something educational taken from this museum ok?!

And since we're so free, we decided to head to cafe for some....?!?! SHAKED ICE WUUHUU

Finally the bus came to fetch us and we head for lunch. Although it's a buffet, nothing's really to my preference but the saddest thing is there's no salmon:(

One of the few plates I've had (and by plates I mean the food in it, not that I had plates yo)

After lunch, we get to go Trick eye museum and yay to that since I've never been there before;) This was somehow the first picture taken and I immediately whatsapp this to the boy claiming how lonely my life is w/o him so sweet right?? but hey it's true!

stopping the water from splashing me like a pro
What? No smoking? You gotta be kidding me yo 

This is totally for Rose haha sorry Rose, Jack betrayed you while I was in Korea aw love you still x (if you ever sees this hahaha)

Aren't I a good dancer?

 Isn't it weird for me to be sitting in the middle when it's a car? Hahaha but hey #bwsstyle la ok?? I deserve A for ma effort

This shows the relationship between me & food. Food iz life

Hey you need a ride?

I had to do this before exiting hahaha what what what I love my 6 pac

This totally reminds me of the Holland V incident and hey no shitting okaiz?

Next we went into the Ice museum and yes with that amount of clothes! We were freezing like mad and I guess we came out within 30 minutes! >v<


After that two museum we roam around Dongdaemum before settling down for dinner because I was starving like mad

After dinner was more shopping and we randomly came across Hello kitty cafe where Renhui was finding hard for haha foreigners luck!


And after more shopping my gastric suddenly acted up:( I figured that I was hungry so I go ma self something to bite on while on the mission of finding Stylenanda!

And instead of getting stylenanda, we found.. Eat your kimchi studio! 

And that's not just it.. I found SISTAR too!! Omg *insert heart emoji* I was just randomly telling Joey I heard Hyorin singing live and seconds later the crowd started shouting so we ran towards the direction and you know I'm super excited when I decided to sacrifice my love for food and threw it into the plastic haha! 

It was a whole good 30 minutes (at least) of them and I'm so so so glad that we get to see them LIVE! Afterwards we cab back to our hotel as we're a little late hahaha and yeah that's when I get to munch on my food nom nom nom *-*

Day 7:

Visited Sk T.um and I totally didn't regret this visit man! It was so surreal and it felt like I was in the space for that good one hour. *-* Their advancement of technology is just.. beyond words! I need this in Singapore pls..

This is my device of the day and it's really cool! *pardon the blur quality tho

Left Sk T.um for some indian buffet and I must say I was expecting something more than this.. 

And oh pretty flowers I luv chuuuu 

Next we went to Korea war museum??



 Then we met this qt *_* Hi Ruby!

We were given some free time before Nanta show starts so we went to get some stuffs from the SM officials store?? and Stylenanda and damn time passes so fast while shopping boohoo so we have to head back for da show

More free time afterwards and I get to try Sundae and mehhh it tasted so horrible:( I usually can take intestine and all but this was really.... boohoo

12 inch ice cream; Matcha with Vanilla flavoured 

More shopping later on in the night and we cab to places like Shinchon to get what we initially wanted from previous days hehehe then we head to Hongdae for APM since it was closed the previous time we visited it. Also since it's already the last night, I splurge more that night and almost finish all my money hahaha oops.

hungry so here's some churros for the hungry soul

Our initial plan was to go Yg after all the shopping but it was already 3+ (I guess) so we decided to give it a miss and instead of doing the legendary pose in front of Yg entertainment, I decided to snap one right outside the shopping mall haha #yolo

Cabbed back to hotel and we bought Soju! Joey and I (my roommate for this trip) decided to stay awake since it was already this late (considering the fact that we have to pack our stuff and weigh our luggage all) hahaha so we drank in the room and played some games

I really stayed all the way but Joey K.O halfway hahah and at about 6 or so I went to do my duties. Then I went back to my room to prepare before waking my roommate up for breakie!

Alright that's about all! Gotta sleep now and meet the boy later!
P/s: Halloween #HHN4 was good and I can't wait to post about it soooon

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