Day 8:

Slept soundly throughout the bus ride since I was awake the whole night and I just unknowingly woke up to - *Remember my earlier post where I said it was my happiest day? Well it's actually Day 8 because I woke up to..

 YG ENTERTAINMENT right in front of me like wth!??! am I lucky or what?! The seaweed factory that we're visiting just so happens to be opposite of YG! Was really happy even tho I don't get to see anyone because I really tot that I wasn't able to visit it but yey I did and the fact that I did just woke the sleepy me up!! And since I'm there I can finally do the mandatory pose right in front of Yg building! *-* Also, I had a good glance of this building before leaving this place ~,~

 With the cheerful tour guide, Jon/John??

I saw my pal but I'm too shy to get any closer hahaha

And this dessert given after meal was good man! All I do in the plane was snack sleep eat sleep snack sleep hahaha 

And after hours of flight, I'm finally back to Singapore! *-* 

The first thing Momsie said to me was: "your face became so much fatter" Hahaha walao:( Then everyone had a good scan of me and yes yes yes I myself also think that I've gained weight but what to do? Everyday I live like a pig (eat and sleep on repeat ^_~ ) 

Anyway, not forgetting to thank this awesome bunch of people for fetching me back *send hugs to all* ;)

My loots:

To those who're interested in where I've gotten my items, I've indicated the location of where I bought the loots on the pic itself, hope it helps:)

 Day 2 shopping was rather an impulse buy because it's under such a short time and I probably just grab what I thought I need/ what tempts me (this is how I shop for the rest of the days too tho)

My undying love for skater skirt *v* Couldn't resist it even tho I've got quite a number in my wardrobe already!


each flavor comes in 5 packets but I forgot to snap before I took them out so...that explains:)
So here's most of my loots from the Korea trip (might have missed out a few tho..) And if you realised most of them are facial products hahaha probably cuz I couldn't resist the temptations! Fyi: I actually got a few of the same products because I feel safer this way ahaha am I weird? don't mind me~

Didn't get a lot of snacks b/c their snacks aren't that cheap. I realised some of their snacks are actually more expensive than the price in Singapore! Idk why tho hmm..but I figure out that it isn't that worth it. My aunt tasked me to buy seaweed but I couldn't find what she wanted so I just randomly grab a packet of seaweed at the airport which cost me about 15SGD and come to think of it, I totally regretted buying:( but I was in a hurry to catch the flight back then so I didn't think much but aish could have used that amount to get another box of Market o Brownie instead! Market o Brownie is like da bomb I really got so addicted to it *,* too bad I only gotten a box mehhh 

Didn't get anything much for anyone (even tho it seems like I bought a lot) because it's hard to think straight within that short amount of time given to us for shopping (so restricted +no WiFi to contact!!!) and its even harder to head back after we past the store so I just bought wtv I like instead. But yay at least I managed to get my relative what they wanted (I actually found the same exact earring that my Aunt wants and I was so elated!!) and some gifts for my friends and family:) Hope everyone that receives their gift loves it and do use it well! ^-^

Anyway to those who's planning to go on a trip to Korea, my advise to you is that you can save the effort of coming up a list of what you wna buy because to be frank it's useless. That night when I was flying off to Korea I told my friends that I'll get myself a Portable charger as soon as there's free time but I couldn't even find one throughout the trip. Also I've got a few accessories up in mind (Made in Korea some more) but I just couldn't seem to find it anywhere and the shop owners told me that they don't have any designs like that.. so speaking from experience I'd strongly encourage you not to make any plans but instead, just get wtv that caught your eyes while shopping to prevent disappointments just like how I felt:')

Alright time for me to go wash up! Next entry will be about #HHN4! Can't wait to post! ^_<

 ¸.·´¸.·¨) ¸.·¨) 
(¸.·´ (¸.·´ (¸.·¨¯`♥ Yilin

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