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Beware: this post will be full of food

Chick and cheesy
All day breakfast

Too many food porn to post but the only one that's still fresh in my mind was; Little pancakes. So, last saturday, it's Happy 5 (minus bird) + Bestie + HL time and we decided to head over to Little pancakes.

 It was 5 vs 1 because the rest ordered All Day Breakfast while I'm the only one that ordered Chick and Cheesy because everyone's famished except for me well fyi: I went on a full stomach (I had lunch) and while walking over I had milk chocolate cookie so can you imagine how full I was? But that don't stop me from eating tho haha. The reason why I chose Chick and Cheesy over that was because I thought this choice is less filling but well I was wrong! Just look at the generous amount of cheese in each pancake haha but I'm not complaining ok?? because it's cheese *-*

Headed for some shopping aftermath and then about 10pm or so we travelled back for our usual supper spot; Tom yam U-mian! I was actually craving for McSpicy but it was too packed but hey this is as good!


We ended the day by some nonsensical chats haha. I know it might sound rather simple but it was sucha enjoyable Saturdate with them! Well, it's always good to have them around x

More food porns below but unfortunately I don't exactly rmb the dates but it was taken over the week! Enjoy!

Pie of the month (my share)
the boy's quiche 

My after meal snacks (I forgot when but I know it was after my dinnerz) because Dad was on a sushi craze haha

You can never go wrong with Cinnamon flavoured pretzel

 Had a hard time deciding which to get; Matcha expresso or Red velvet. And I'm officially in love with both now!

That's about all for the week! I've some faint memories while looking at these pics and I suddenly remembered that I had frappe for 4 days straight haha but I don't know why I didn't snap a photo to collage it hmm and also I've satisfied my McSpicy craving on Sunday at about 10pm haha don't judge me because #fatlifechoseme 

Ok bye see you soon! 8am class tomorrow:(

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