Turned 19 last friday and it kinda scares me how this is my last teen hood year.. but well, you can never escape from ageing or should I say growing..? November (1-6) hasn't been good to me pretty good to me, getting pissed off from almost everything but I'm so so thankful how well my birthday celebration were and I'm sure it's a sign of something better from now on 8-)

Dad and Mum stayed up to surprise me and they never failed to be the first aw so much love for them. They say parents are the best human alive, I think so too.

Gave my 8am & 2pm lecture a miss and only attended a 2 hour tutorial which was practically useless (yes so I came school for NOTHING) but hey at least I got my attendance marked! Stayed with JMWY for a little while before I went off to meet ma boy.

Was told that only the boy can make it on my actual date so we decided to just have a simple date at town (shopping for my present, cafe hunting etc) and meet the rest on saturday. Had churros cuz we both were craving for it before any shopping spree begins

Spent hours walking around before my tummy starts to growl but the boy just wouldn't accompany me to food and he probably drag 1 hour or so before he's willing to go for our dinner. Something was amiss but I just couldn't figure out what is so I just agreed to it. Finally stepped into Medz and I was honestly shocked to see the Happy 5 there already and like omg?? aren't they supposed to be busy? haha so sweet of them to surprise me.

They made me watch some horror videos after my food and suddenly Rose came and I really had a great shock (the horror kind of shock and the surprised shock) haha then not long after Jj came as well!

The surprise did not just end like this b/c they surprised me with cake at the most unexpected moment      *-*

 It's my favourite chocolate ice cream cake (indeed they know me well muah) and we finished everything up while chatting haha just us being us! #gluttons. Anyway, you know how I've always complaint about why don't anyone has the same birthday as me but to my surprise, there's about 4-5 birthday girl/boy celebrating at Medz that day!

Oh yes, if you're wondering why and how we chose Medz.. it's b/c I've always wanted to try their Eggs benedict but meh it's only available on weekend! I honestly wanted to walk out of the restaurant so badly but my friends kept persuading me not to and ofcos I did not and now I know why! Haha well that's b/c they've placed my cake in their fridge and it'd be exposed if we were to leave for another restaurant!

Left for some photos before leaving (time alway flies when you're having fun isn't it?)

we switched gender so they covered their tits while I cover my crotch



idk what's up with my pose man

a pregnant princess? (truth is I couldn't zip it up HAHA)

b/c the shot before is so punny that I burst out laughing and someone just snap a pic of it

Was told to just go with the flow that day since I'm not aware of the plans and ohmagawd the first surprise already got me like *-* Initially wanted to wear white but they advised me not to so it was a blue on blue for me! Fancy them coming up excuses like: "you'll get wet" "you'll get dirty" "you'll be camouflage" just to stop me from wearing white haha but it's a good thing I didn't. 

Took me quite awhile to choose pictures b/c all were equally nice and it was hard to choose a few out of about 170!

Second part of the surprise is where we visit a Liquor buffet but we didn't take much pictures since we're either eating/drinking/playing poker/singing. 

To my awesome friends that went along with the boy's plan, thank you so much! Really can't emphasise how blessed I am to have all of you in my life! So thankful for all the care/love/pampering and all the little gestures that I've received from you guys *-*

Here's to many more years of awesome friendshipz

To my boo:

Happy 2nd anniversary to us! Thanks for planning such a wonderful birthday surprise for me and even started planning since idk when.. those efforts is just *-* I am and always will be thankful for you and never forget how you came into my life x. We may not always agree on each other but I like how we always stand in each other's shoe and how we wear the pants together in this r/s. 

Even tho there are times when I wanna shove my middle finger up in your ass like


But you'll still be the one that make my heart skip a beat and cause those butterflies in my tummy.  I love you muah x

That pretty much sums up my awesome 19 and I totally enjoy it x
Looking forward to many more birthdays spent with all of them xx #friendshipandrelationshipgoals

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