Last week we held an advanced weekend celebration for our maknae that's finally turning 19 and the first destination was LOSTSG. In case you're clueless about LOST SG, it's actually a real-life room escape game where players have to put together clues, puzzles and race against time to escape from a locked room. Not only that, it requires team work and our observational+ critical thinking skills to make escape.

I know there's a lot of escape games in Singapore but trust me, it's totally different from the others! And if I have to make a comparison, I'd prefer LOST SG than any because theirs are much more high tech! Some of the escape games in Singapore are just locks after locks but LOSTSG'S concept is reaaaaalllyy different. Well I can't reveal much about their concept but theirs are more technology advanced whereby you get to do various activities (instead of just locks) to get you to another stage.

The game we chose was Exodus and here's the description about it

Before the game begin, we were asked to watch an introduction video. Then, we're brought to the room and honestly I was disappointed by it; I thought we're just gonna be trapped in this small room for 45 minutes but boy, I was so wrong! There's so much more to it! After solving the first mystery, secret rooms will be activated and it will lead us to another room for another solving. I must say the game creator is sucha genius!

We spent about 30 minutes in the first room (hahah wts I know..) cracking our brains to solve but in the end we decided to seek help from the staffs! We did managed to escape out of the room but we took more than 45 mins haha oops but hey! At least we did right?:> Also gotta thank the helpful + friendly staff for assisting us in certain parts if not I think we'll be trapped forever (not joking).

Although the games exerts most of our brain juice, we still had loads of fun! We even wanted to play another game but too bad we gotta move on to our next stop:( It's okay I'll be back there soon and I strongly encourage everyone to head over to LOST SG at least once! I can ensure you that it's worth every bit of your money! Lastly, some advice for you readers (personal experience), do remember to look around and observe everything (even the tiniest details) ok?!? And remember to think out of the box and that is reaaallyy important! If you're wondering where LOST SG is, it's actually located at:

Peace centre
1 Sophia Road, #03-01/02/03
Singapore 228149

Next, we head over to KBBQ for our dinner and I only managed to snap a few photos because we were all dying for food


No idea why there's no group photos (jj, rose and jiawei joined us afterwards) so here's to compensate the maknae

Happy 19th birthday to you! Even the maknae turns 19 already hoho cheers to many more birthdays! Blessed to meet you and the awesome clique x

P/s: I'm missing my hair while blogging:( 
Will blog more about it in my next entry!

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