Joyus Christmas

Before I start posting about how my christmas is spent, I should wish everyone a Merry Christmas! (I'm not late ok, there's 12 days of X'mas hoho just didn't manage to wish on Day 1). Ok so my christmas is rather simple since we didn't have much plan but hey it's all about the companion right?

Caught Night at the Museum 3 and we headed to Lenas our late dinner. We wanted kbbq but figured out that it's too late since they're already closing. (stay tune to my next post whereby the whole clique gets to satisfy our craving hoho)

So we chose Lenas for our christmas dinner and even though it wasn't fantastic, it's still way better than Kazokutei (what we had last year) and their horrible services which I swore I'll never go back again.  Here's what we ordered: *Note: I don't have the name because the staff were kinda rushing us for our orders, hinting us about the last order since we step in pretty late

wtv happened to their plating??

Oh yes we also get to (finally) know our secret santa and I'm very curious because everyone was praying not to get me because.. I made a weird list of wishlist for my Santa but it's for fun only la ok?? (on the day when I created the secret santa thingy, everyone was present and I was telling them my wishlist as I type them in and I kept editing to make my Santa's life difficult HAHA pun intended) //Sorry had to cancelled out certain words because #HAPPYSIX are the only ones that can see teehee//

I remembered typing "I want a dog, not toy dog hor" but no idea why it was gone hmm.. and the less fattening part was to confuse him/her because whoever my santa is confirm gonna buy me chocolate but isn't it too easy for my santa?? so I decided to make things hard for him/her hahahaha. Anyhow.. anyway,  I love love my gift because..

but my secret santa think he funny, purposely put jelly beans inside the weird one some more haha and he also creative ah put 10 bucks worth of coins inside (because you ain't supposed to give an empty wallet/pouch according to him and 10 because it symbolises me hahaha) and he claims it's his saving (of coins) since January haha oops I just drained all his coin hahaha and when I first saw it it got me laughing like mad la. But still thanks I love the Pug pouch so much *-*

And this very sweet sweetheart of mine got everyone a goodie bag + an exclusive present for me yay and Winnie Pooh somemore! How to not love her?? Thanks xx So sorry I didn't have the time to get anything for you because of my test...:(

And since it's such a joyous occasion how can we not take pictures right?

Also, not forgetting my super sweet cousie that sent me a Christmas card even being in Taiwan now!  Take a look at the card, you'll definitely be in love with it!!

WHY SO CUTE?!??! *-*
23 December

Spent some time with my Momsie and Aunt over meal and shopping *doing what girls are best at* hoho. Feels good to be hanging out with them because Family are the best isn't it? Can't wait for my Cousie to be back b/c it's been about 4 months since I last saw her and I miss her like mad! Alright here's some picture to end off

Ending with my neck pain pose because look at the time, it's 0541 nw!!

Ok joke aside, hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas week as much as I do and if you didn't, it still isn't too late to let loose and enjoy! x

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