First of all, Happy new year guys! As stated from my previous post, this will be an entry about how HappySix satisfies our Kbbq cravings because we didn't have the chance to do so previously! I know it's been a year but I thought I should just share it still! Here's my still-very-purplish hair because right now I'm named as Peacock because there's way too many color on my hair haha will show you guys soon, hopefully. Ok let the food porn begins

sorry I don't know how to eat so it got all over my mouth HAHA

From whole table filled with food till empty table haha hoho

 I swear I just kept eating from the moment we step in till we got out ahaha it's just meat and more meats and at the very end, it's fruits and more fruits >u< Don't judge me for being such a great eater alright?? I mean, don't you find joy in eating?;)

Next we headed to pool since it's been 1546197502 years since I last played it! Glad that I've improved since the previous round and fun fact about me is that I can actually use both hands to play hoho.


Blogging about this now just made me crave for weekends more haha can't wait to see them again! Anyway, gotta admit that I'm drooling just by looking at all these food porns and I'm honestly getting hungry hahaha can't wait for Xlb steamboat buffet with Bae tomorrow after my school (yay it's 7th tomorrow x)! Alright time to go (projects to mug on mehh..) Ending with my spot on but blur shot

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