As seen from the tittle, I baby sit my nephew some time back (8 weeks ago haha checked my ig). Always enjoyed playing with kids because they're the most naive ones with no ulterior motive even though they can be devils at times. But still the cutest and less harm when compared to adults *-*

Isn't it amazing how fast kids grow and learn? One moment they're trying to figure something and the next moment?? they've gotten the hang of it! Anyway, spent some time playing play dough with him and I'm actually having fun too haha! Revive a bit of my happier days:)

Tv time for him and he actually used my legs as his stool haha! I did video down and posted on Instagram so if you're curious you can check it out but you'll have to scroll since it's 8 weeks back!

I absolutely had fun playing with you little Reyes, grow up fast & well and know that your aunt misses you (he started school alr so he will not be going to my Aunt's place often = hard to play with him)


And yes, I'm sure many of you (by now) knows that I dyed my hair purple again for CNY hehe. How can one get sick of purple right?? Anyway, I just dyed them over my green hair to tong for CNY because I couldn't find time to bleach and touch up on my roots due to finals. But thankfully it turned out well and even brighter than the previous time;) So glad it turned out well cuz I can haz pretty hair for visiting and people can stop commenting about my green hair hmm

Dyed them on 15 and still going strong after a few washes (taken on εˆδΈ‰, third day of CNY which is on the 21st)

P/s: pardon those black roots because like I've mentioned earlier, I couldn't find the time to bleach them. It isn't as obvious real life because the purple is kinda deep and rich but it came off pretty obvious since it's taken from camera. Ignoring those roots, I love how my camera is able to capture the purple well ^-^ my phone's front cam is having a little trouble taking under normal lighting and usually came off as either blue or black.

Hair update: I've multiple colors now again on those part where it isn't light enough. One strand of hair have about 4-5 shades of color going from purple to silver to brown to green to blue and back to purple on the ends (previously bleached my ends 2 times more than the rest) but the purple still going strong on those lighter part. Outer part is where the color fades the most and they look kinda like metallic blue?? hard to capture them because of the lighting.

omg I can go on and on about my hair hahaha but as of now, I'm having mixed feeling about them fading because 1) I'm in love with the purple so it breaks my heart a little BUT 2) kinda look forward to them fading so that I can bleach my whole hair again (esp those roots!!) Can anyone relate?? hope I didn't make it confusing oops

Alright time to go! Can't wait to share about CNY (give me some time to sort out the pictures) and more of my hair haha! I know I've been talking about my hair post for the longest time /: it should be up soon now that I'm done with finals and most of my CNY visitings!! Will spend my free time collating my hair progress pic and do up a draft asap! xx

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