Disclaimer: before I get myself started, just wanna state that this is just my two cents worth of opinion. It may/may not apply to anyone reading this but it definitely applies to me hence this post.

People who knows me well or read this blog often enough will know that I'm such a food lover and I'm so into food *-* BUT one thing about me is that I'll make sure the food is worth the price. Isn't that practical enough? I mean a meal that cost me $20 ish should taste better than hawker centre food right? If not what's the point of me spending such money? (I'm not saying hawker centre food is bad okay, I love them as much too)

Okay so let the rant begin~ So earlier today, I was craving for llaollao so I thought why not head to somewhere that has theatre and llaollao. Initial plan was to head to Jurong but the seats were all taken so we decided on West Mall. I then went ahead to satisfy my craving. I got myself a cup of Sanum from llaollao and I was so pissed at it gosh! It was the worst experience I ever had with llaollao. Why? I'll let you know why

This is the amount I get for Sanum. Pathetic isn't it? I've no idea why the pic looks still acceptable but I swear the top swirl isn't even 2 proper swirl man. It seems like it start from pretty below? nah that's because I ordered white chocolate and she's so stingy with the sauce (it's not even a spoon worth of sauce??) and she bua most of it at the corner? and maybe that's why the picture looks "okay and acceptable" But considering the fact that my yogurt is not centralised and sided to the right, this is definitely less than the standard swirls

I saw how "generous" she is in serving the sauce so I politely asked if I can have more sauce. Guess what? She told me that I'll have to pay additional for it lol wtf? if you have given me the amount that's supposed to be given, I wouldn't even have asked for it. I thought to myself okay never mind maybe the froyo she give can compensate but wtf look at that pathetic amount?!?! I was so pissed at her pls.. you charge me $6.50 for this? you kidding me?? Even my boy laughed after we walked away '_' While in the queue, I was praying not to get this new staff because I overheard her telling her colleague that she can't swirl. She went into the kitchen and I was so relieved. God knows why she came back when it's my turn. I'm not being judgemental about new staff or whatsoever but at least make sure that you know your freaking recipe and what you have to do before you serve? how will you feel if I serve you this shit serving and I had to pay the same amount as others??

Yes I know llaollao had to reduced their servings across all outlets lately but you sure this is the reason? I don't think so because minutes later (same outlet), I saw a couple holding a huge sanum OK. Their top swirl is easily 2-3 times higher than mine and the amount of sauce they had. Talk about the reduced servings? why not talk about the inconsistency between staffs? I can easily find sanum that are higher than mine?

(all these pictures are screenshot just by searching llaollao on Twitter)

Okay assuming all these are exceptional, taller than what should be served.. I'm at least 90% sure that mine is definitely below the acceptable standard servings yo. In fact mine is so under-served?? So pissed with it.

This is not just it ok, I was eating and guess what? Look at the strawberries;

I'm already very unpleased with the serving and now their strawberries. Seriously? do u not have to cut this part off? Okay yes I can easily bite them off but if other outlets are cutting them well so why can't you? And the strawberries aren't even fresh fyi

Okay let's just assume I can set the servings and the poorly cut strawberries off, the taste of West Mall's llaollao is definitely different compared to other outlets. It lacks of the milk taste and the yogurt powder taste is too strong and I got so sick after a few mouth. Even my Boyfriend agrees that the yogurt taste kinda weird and sickish after trying. Can all readers out there take a moment and stand in my shoe? how would u feel if you were me? I mean I pay $6.50 across majority of llaollao for a cup of sanum but this is the shit I got here in this outlet. First the serving second the poorly cut fruits and third the taste. Must I still say anything more?

This is for sure the worst llaollao experience that I ever had and I will never ever step into this outlet again. And fyi: this is my third cups of sanum this week and I have no absolute problems with the other outlets I've patronised. No problems AT ALL except this. Don't tell me llaollao changes their recipe so fast? within days?? I'm sure that's not the case. And I'm still so traumatised by that horrible cup of sanum I had earlier on ew.

Like what I've said earlier, these are just my opinions and I surely have the rights to rant at my own blog don't I? #freedomofspeech But if any readers out there would like to comment with regards to this post, you may either comment on this post or send in through my Ask.fm I'd love to read them/know how you feel about my poor experience with this outlet

Setting the rants aside, I'll be comparing a few froyo shops that I've tried and will be giving my opinions in the next blog post. And ofcos one of it would be llaollao. But no I'll not be biased about it just because of this poor experience because other outlets are serving me well:) (just gonna ignore this outlet) See you in a bit! Xx

P/s: Cinderella was good! Worth the watch *-*

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