Hi guys! I'm currently waiting for my supper to be digested before washing up and head to bed. Usually I'll just laze around and use my phone but today I thought why not just blog about my experience to The Brat! Anyways, I just had 2 cups of Sanum (yes you didn't see wrongly..friggin' 2 cups), Burger king's nuggets, onion rings and a few sip of coke float (koup from ze boy) on top of my proper meals haha yes I'm a huge eater like that #fatlifechoseme

Okay so few days back me and my friends agreed to meet for a movie and bag hunting date and since I didn't get to eat my burger the other time, I thought why not satisfy my craving?? So I went online to search burger around town so we don't have to travel specially just for the food! It was then I came across The Brat and seen quite a few people raving about it so I shared this piece of news with my friends and tada!

Ala carte was just $9.50 and the glutton me decided to top up $3.30 for fries and drink which I ended up regretting haha! Keep reading to find out why!

Food came shortly after we ordered!

Avocado bacon burger
Aussie burger
Pork and bacon sausage bun

 I ordered Avocado bacon burger while the other 3 ordered Aussie burger and Maecan had bun! If you're wondering the difference between Avocado and Aussie, the difference is that Aussie has sunny side up and pineapple while Avocado only has Avocado! Other than that, they pretty much have the same ingredients (cheese, beef patty, tomato, lettuce and bacon).

My verdict: I think it's pretty worth the price ($9.50) for such a huge burger. The patty is super juicy! I love every bit of the burger except the bun though. The bun isn't something special so don't expect too much! Feels like normal bun to me~ Personally feel that they could toast the bun more? Also, the consistency of the food isn't there which is pretty disappointing. My patty was pretty much well done but my friend's was about medium rare? We ended up switching because he prefers mine and I prefer his haha! Another point that I'd like to point out is their fries! First few was fine but afterwards I find that it's a bit too thick and somehow it feels like it's not properly fried (not crispy enough) which is why I regretted topping up $3.30!

Their service was pretty good BUT! When I ask for 5 cutleries the staff gave me a weird look and it feels like he kinda judged me for that moment (like whuuuut?) He then asked me why would I need cutleries since burger are meant to be eaten with hands. Ok if you're talking about normal burger I'd have agree with him but then again, their burger is so huge and juicy! How am I supposed to eat it without fork and knife?? Okay maybe cuz I'm a girl? But even my guy friends find it hard la and it'll be so unglam?? I even have problems eating them after cutting please!

Overall was fine so I'd rate this 7.5/10. Will I be back to The Brat? Hm I'd be back for their burger if I'm in that area but definitely not their fries! Oh did I mention their sausage is pretty yumz? I tried their cheesy sausage and it's delicious! Worth the calories man! Alright it's alr 3:21am I should go wash up now!

Note to self: shall go for more burger hunts~ If you guys have any cafes/yummy burgers to intro, do leave a comment or you can do so at my askfm! I hope you enjoyed this post and see you soon! X

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